Julian Butler Theatre Composer

I have had a dedicated recording studio built in my garden in south London. I use a mixture of live instruments and plugins.

My live instruments include: Yamaha drums, a modified Encore bass, Washburn and Aria acoustic guitars, USA Fender Telecaster and Brian May Burns electric guitars, ukuleles, clarinet, saxophone, dulcimer, accordion, violin, tubular bells, recorders and various percussion instruments.

My plugins include Vienna Strings, Albion Orchestra, East West Symphonic Orchestra and East West Choirs, Ivory and Art Vista Pianos, Absynth 5, Omnisphere and Trillian, GuitarRig and Garritan Jazz .

Julian Butler Theatre Composer
For those of you who enjoy this sort of thing, I have an ESI 1010e soundcard and a Focusrite Platinum Penta preamp. My vocal mics are Rode NT1-As, and I have a variety of others, including a set of Shure drum mics.

I love my Tannoy monitors.

My master keyboard is a Korg Kronos 88. I also have Korg Legacy, but I've never used it. It's got too many wires.

My brother Stephen taught me everything I know about this stuff, and you can listen to some of the music we have made together here.

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